The mission of CALSEIA is to promote the growth of the solar industry and expand the use of all solar technologies throughout California.

CALSEIA accomplishes its mission through policy development, advocacy, education, networking, and business services. 

CALSEIA has a well deserved reputation in Sacramento for smarts and savvy; staff are known for their hard work and dedication to the cause of California’s solar stakeholders.
— Rick Brown, PhD, President TerraVerde



CALSEIA is funded through annual membership dues and fundraising events such as Solar Summerfest every year at Intersolar North America. 


  • Enact Legislation to encourage removal of barriers and policies that help provide an open and competitive market
  • Create and/or Modify Regulations to promote safety, durability, and a competitive market
  • Create and/or Maintain Incentives to build the market to a size that allows the installed cost of solar energy to compete with non-renewable energy resources
  • Encourage the ethical conduct of companies participating in the solar market. CALSEIA is not a law enforcement organization but it can provide resources to assist people in finding the appropriate law enforcement organization.
  • Codes and Standards to ensure safety and reliability and to standardize requirements to reduce costs and improve construction efficiency


CALSEIA works with Washington D.C.-based National SEIA on campaigns such as extending the federal ITC tax credits. CALSEIA is a completely separate organization with no financial relationship.  Membership with SEIA does not confer a membership with CALSEIA and vice versa, nor does it result any resources shared in California.