New Fire Code Requirements

Be in the Know on Fire Code Issues!

As California's Solar Industry Association, it is our job to alert, educate, and prepare the industry when important and fast-approaching changes, like the new fire code requirements, are imminent. That is why we are organizing tomorrow's webinar on the new 1703 changes coming down the pike in less than six months. You need to know about these changes. Join our webinar now. 

Bernadette Del Chiaro
Executive Director, CALSEIA

Jeff Speis
Sr. Director of Policy, Quick Mount PV

Larry Sherwood
Vice President and COO, IREC

Christopher Flueckiger,
PE – Renewable Energy Dept., UL LLC.

Mark Geis
Vice President, Reliability and Compliance, PanelClaw, Inc.

A year ago, California adopted a new code requirement that all PV modules be given the same class rating (A, B, or C) as the roof upon which they are installed. A Class A roof has to have a Class A PV module. While the new 1703 will allow for Class C modules to be rated as Class A when installed in specific configurations on specific roof types, it is imperative that all module and racking systems be tested before January 1, 2015, when the code goes into effect.
Join this webinar to learn more about these new changes, and what you and your company need to do to prepare. Experts from Solar ABC’s, UL and others will explain exactly how these regulations will affect the solar industry and how a Class C module can receive a Class A rating under the new UL 1703 test. 
NOTE: Another webinar will follow shortly on the significant UL 2703 changes that are coming down the pike.

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