Making solar more affordable to all.

CALSEIA is advocating for the expansion of the solar market to include low-income renters throughout the state. Working with low-income community advocates, CALSEIA sponsored AB 693 (Eggman) to create the Multifamily Affordable Housing Solar Roofs program. This bill was signed into law in October 2015, and will allow low-income tenants of multifamily affordable housing projects to benefit directly from on-site solar installations.    

This bill allocates $100 million every year for the next ten years to fund solar at low-income apartment buildings.  The funds will come from the electric sector greenhouse gas (GHG) allowance revenues from the Cap & Trade program. 

CALSEIA has also been closely involved in the Multifamily Affordable Solar Homes program, and is supporting proposals for variations to the NEM 2.0 tariff that are designed for solar growth in disadvantaged communities.

In recent years, an increasing portion of solar installations have occurred in lower income zip codes. We need that trend to continue, both for equity reasons and because large quantities of local generation are needed in all neighborhoods in order to transition away from a centralized electric system toward a modern, decentralized system. 

Distribution of Solar Zip Codes by Homeowner Median Income