CALSEIA members lead the way in California's Clean Energy Revolution.

  1. Membership indicates professionalism and credibility. 
  2. Members are required to sign and adhere to a Code of Ethics.

  3. Members are in the know and better able to serve customers with regular updates and insights on market conditions, upcoming policy changes, and technical and code changes. 

  4. CALSEIA is the largest and most recognized state-based trade association representing the rooftop solar industry. 

  5. CALSEIA members are the true leaders. They have the industry's back by investing in growing California's solar market through membership.

Memberships by Business Type

CALSEIA represents a diverse membership of companies from all industry segments, both large and small, PV and thermal.

Represented Technologies

  • Solar thermal for water heating, process heat, cooling, space conditioning for residential and commercial applications
  • Solar electric (photovoltaic) for electric generation on homes, businesses, and utility scale
  • Concentrating solar for electric generation, process heat, and cooling
  • Solar pool heating for recreational, athletic, municipal, and therapeutic pools in commercial, residential, and municipal applications
  • Battery & storage companies