CALSEIA welcomes professionals like you who are thriving in the nation's largest solar market. It’s the only place that brings together the people and resources you need to succeed in a policy-dependent marketplace.


Be a Solar Leader 

Policy will make or break your business

Policy is king in the solar industry and CALSEIA has a long track record of effective advocacy for solar. CALSEIA is the most experienced solar advocacy organization in the state with such accomplishments as The Solar Rights Act, California Solar Initiative, California Solar Initiative – Thermal, C-46 licensure for solar contractors, the Governor’s permitting guidebook, and many more successes.

The role of committees

CALSEIA seeks to represent the entire solar industry of California, not just a few companies. Toward that end, we seek member input on our work and the positions we take on critical issues. 

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Expand your business

Staying informed will keep you ahead of the curve 

CALSEIA can give your business the upper hand when it comes to staying on top of the latest market trends and industry developments. Through our weekly newsletters, free webinars, breaking news, policy reports, and other communications, CALSEIA members are sure to hear it first so they can pivot in a dynamic marketplace.

Member Hotline & Resources

Members may access a variety of time-saving tools, templates, and resources such as quick links to policy proceedings, sample HOA letters, and timely, in-depth analysis from CALSEIA's policy experts. 

Regional Chapters

Through our seven regional chapters, you can engage on issues of local concern while expanding your network. With all the idiosyncrasies of California’s diverse regions, CALSEIA’s chapters can provide you with the expertise to penetrate a new market. Chapter meetings and events provide great opportunities to network, get in front of potential customers, form valuable partnerships, or just enjoy the camaraderie of fellow solar industry members.

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Increase your visibility 

Referrals to Your Business 

Customers have trusted CALSEIA for over 30 years to find the right solar professional to meet their needs. Now, with the convenience of our online directory, solar customers and fellow industry professionals alike can find a CALSEIA member company by zip code, business type, and other criteria. Members are trusted and often preferred because they are not only looking out for the industry through their CALSEIA membership, but they also abide by industry best practices and adhere to CALSEIA's Code of Ethics.

 Official Partner. See "Benefits" section for  member discounts.

 Official Partner. See "Benefits" section for  member discounts.

Events, Conferences & Sponsorships

CALSEIA affords you numerous opportunities to network with fellow member companies and promote your business within CALSEIA.  Whether you regularly attend conferences, or opt for smaller, local, avenues to network, CALSEIA can provide you with valuable opportunities to engage with fellow industry members from every segment of the industry.

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PR & Media Services

CALSEIA can promote you! Whether you've just launched a new product, put out a press release, or are hosting an event, CALSEIA's media team can help spread the word. Submit your news, press releases, and events to our newsletter, website, and calendar. We also direct media referrals to members.

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Member Benefits

  • Networking opportunities via chapter meetings, conferences, and more.
  • Weekly newsletter keeping you up to date on the biggest issues affecting California’s solar market.
  • Free webinars for members and opportunities to sponsor webinars to get you in front other businesses.
  • 25% exhibitor discount to Intersolar North America, the largest attended solar conference in the U.S.
  • 20% conference registration discount to Intersolar North America.
  • Open participation in regional chapters and the ability to host/sponsor chapter meetings.
  • Voting rights for CALSEIA board of directors.
  • Complete suite of top-notch policy and lobbying staff advocating on your behalf before the state legislature, CPUC, and and all other relevant state agencies.
  • Access to CALSEIA policy committees and developing CALSEIA policy positions and priorities.
  • Customer referrals via website and consumer hotline.
  • Free advertising and visibility for your company via weekly newsletter, website and media team.
  • Member Hotline to help deal with permitting, HOA, legal, and other issues. 

Membership Rates


*Dues are based on – the combined total of your California revenue from solar energy related products/services from the last fiscal year.

Dues can be paid - in full or in monthly installments. Via check or credit card. 

Membership is annual - based on the anniversary date of application or renewal.

Startups – are eligible for a discounted rate ($400) if they are less than 2 years old from the date of the business's articles of incorporation. Startup members can receive this level of membership for the first 2 years of membership only.

For Nonprofits, Government, and Education $400 

New Market Entrants -  this category is for established companies that moved into the solar or California market in the past 12 months regardless of solar-related revenue level. Rate: $1,150.



Annual Revenue* Dues
< $500k $740
< $1.5M $1,150
< $3M $1,900
< $5M $2,850
< $10M $3,950
< $20M $5,500
< $30M $7,250
< $50M $9,100
> $50M $12,000


Contributions and dues paid to CALSEIA are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, up to 75% of your contributions and dues may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses. Twenty-five percent of your contributions and dues are associated with CALSEIA’s lobbying activities and therefore are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.
Please consult with your tax advisor for further details.


Contribute to CALSEIA’s SUNPAC to support champions of solar energy in California state legislature. The growth of the California's solar industry is dependent, in large part, on strong state policy that supports the ongoing growth of the solar market. 

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For an additional $2,500 - to your company's annual membership dues, you can become an exclusive CALSEIA insider through the CALSEIA's limited, 20-company, President's Club. Dues from the President's Club help support hiring additional staff to carry out CALSEIA's mission. 

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Our Members


Members by Business type

CALSEIA represents a diverse membership of companies from all industry segments, both large and small, PV and thermal.

Membership Growth 2008-2015

With an estimated 1,700 solar companies existing in California, CALSEIA has prioritized membership recruitment because we know we can achieve more by working together. Help us get to 500 members today!

What Our Members Say...

I cannot imagine how my company would function competently in the solar industry without being CALSEIA members! CALSEIA is a trusted source of up-to-date information, with contacts and connections in the state legislature and the governor’s office that provide me with insights and inside knowledge that I could not possibly duplicate myself. I feel like, with CALSEIA, I know what’s coming next, so I can be prepared NOW to deal with it.
— Gary Gerber, President & CEO Sun Light & Power
CALSEIA advocates for all viable solar technologies. SunEarth works in the solar heating and cooling space and we sincerely appreciate CALSEIA’s consistent and vigorous policy leadership in this area.
— Rick Reed, President SunEarth Inc.
CALSEIA has a well deserved reputation in Sacramento for smarts and savvy; staff are known for their hard work and dedication to the cause of California’s solar stakeholders.
— Rick Brown, PhD, President TerraVerde

Why Join Today?

CALSEIA is the only place you’ll find a comprehensive body of resources, knowledge and experts to help you navigate the complex landscape of California's solar market. We hope you’ll take advantage of the countless ways we can help you grow your business while we all grow solar in California together.



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