Election season is upon us and CALSEIA has four board seats open for the 2018-2020 term. We encourage all of our members to be involved in CALSEIA's leadership and governance through the Board of Directors. Please note that there is no "pay to play" structure to CALSEIA's Board. Board members are elected in a democratic fashion with each member company getting one vote for each seat. Official CALSEIA liaisons are responsible for voting. If you would like to change your liaison, please email Carter Lavin. Current board members and term dates may be seen here.  

Nominee Requirements

You may nominate incumbent board members, another eligible individual, or yourself. Our bylaws require that the nominee represent a company that has been a member of CALSEIA for at least one year and, obviously, be a member in good standing currently. You may nominate more than one individual but we ask that you submit only one nominee per seat.  You will be required to submit forms individually if you are nominating more than one person. Only CALSEIA members in good standing have the power to nominate Directors. The nominee must fit the appropriate category (i.e. if the vacancy is for a contractor, the nominee must work for a contractor).

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Must be a CALSEIA member in good standing to nominate yourself or anyone else for the board.
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If you have any questions, please contact CALSEIA