Contractor Seat Candidates

Andrew Hoffman, CalCom Solar

Our companies and customers are driving the change to a clean, resilient, customer-first electric grid.  As the voice of our industry, CALSEIA is facing unique challenges – as more PV connects, the utilities are pushing to lower the compensation our customers receive when they invest in solar and storage.  CALSEIA’s advocacy will be key to ensure viable TOU rates, a reasonable NEM 3.0, and storage and solar thermal incentives.  Not to mention permitting, interconnection, marketing, and all our blocking and tackling to keep solar growing.

I would be honored to help CALSEIA tackle these challenges.  I have helped build over 1 GW of clean energy capacity – solar, storage, and demand response – in the West over the past 10 years.  Through that work, I have served as an expert witness at the CPUC, negotiated load forecasting and grid standards with the ISO and the CEC, and worked with and for the IOUs to build consensus for solar and cleantech growth.  I bring deep understanding of how the grid works, as well as the statewide players.

Over the past year, I have chaired our Interconnection Subcommittee to improve the interconnection process and NEM / NEMA billing.  CalCom also brings the voice of agricultural customers to CALSEIA.  Bipartisan support for solar was key to extending the ITC, and farmers going solar shows how clean energy is good for all Californians.

Prior to CalCom, I managed PG&E’s demand response team and 600 MW portfolio of DR and data products. Before PG&E, I managed Western program operations for EnerNOC, a leading provider of energy management solutions. I earned my MBA at UC Berkeley and my BA at Dartmouth College.  More personally, I am a husband and father and want to give my family a world every bit as bright and beautiful as the one we enjoy.  I hope to bring my passion and my experience to CALSEIA’s Board and would be honored by your vote.  Please feel free to reach out with questions to or 415.409.9783.  Thank you.


Charles Adams, Albion Power Company

I have 20 years of experience in the solar industry, dating back to the original Powerlight and SUNPOWER projects. This portfolio includes projects for Microsoft, Macy*s, AT&T, Target Corporation, San Francisco International Airport, Fetzer Vineyards, Beringer Vineyards, City of Oakland, City of San Francisco, Oxnard Unified School District, Santa Ana Unified School District, and the U.S. Department of Energy. More importantly, our company has installed solar for hundreds of residential homes and small businesses in California. Our work has taken place in most major utilities – PG&E, SCE, SDGE, SMUD, LADWP – and, from Palm Desert to Mendocino County, over (30) jurisdictions in California. This body of work contains the engineering, sales, and construction of rooftop systems, carports, ground mounts, and “vibratory-pile” trackers in the desert.

I have a wonderful wife, Dolores, and a rambunctious 4-year old named Jacob. My education includes the University of Colorado, University of Pittsburgh, and an MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. I have traveled six continents, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, hiked all 211 miles of the John Muir Trail, trekked all 145 miles of Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit, and once went around the world on a ship (25,635 miles). The result of these travels and education is a belief that our economic system does not account for the environment and, therefore, is not sustainable. I feel that policies like net-metering take a step towards creating an economic accounting capable of considering the environment. Similarly, CALSEIA provides a voice for small businesses which comprise local economies necessary for sustainable economics. These are approaches that I hope for CALSEIA to emphasize moving forward.

The solar industry was once better equipped to make presentations to legislators and building departments from a position of principal – too many years of call-centers and questionable financial products have eroded some confidence in our industry’s motives. It is important to reinvigorate messages of technical competence and environmental stewardship, which are the foundations of our industry.

The greatest value that I bring to CALSEIA is a financial and technical experience in disparate fields of the solar industry. I have managed some of the larger commercial projects in California and sold some of the smaller residentials. They are both important in creating a new economy.


Jared Friedman, REC Solar

Jared Friedman wants to bring more solar to the world. From working for years on the commercial and utility team at SunPower to spending two years in the field overseeing construction for Berkshire Hathaway Solar on what was, at the time, the largest solar project ever built, the 550MW AC Topaz Solar Farms, to building a community solar program and developing solar projects at NV Energy (but leaving when he saw the utility was about to start a war on solar) and now as the Director of Commercial and Industrial Sales for REC Solar, one of the top commercial solar contractors in the US, Jared has tried to help make solar more mainstream.

Jared deals with the challenges of solar policy and legislation on a daily basis with customers in California and brings a strong understanding and perspective of the challenges we, as an industry, face in this rapidly changing environment. From shifting TOU periods, poor visibility to interconnection costs and wait times, panel tariff uncertainty, tax reform challenges, to NEM-A and Energy Storage, Jared wants to help bring transparency and certainty so that solar continues it amazing progress in California and continues to lead the US. We have a lot of challenges ahead and Jared is excited to focus his passion and creativity on finding solutions.

Jared holds an MBA from one of the world’s top 10 business school, holds undergraduate degrees in Finance and Management, has raised funds and assisted on multiple Grid Alternative solar installs, written over a dozen articles on renewable energy, installed a graywater system at his home and regularly rides a bike to work. When he’s not geeking out on solar, Jared can be found enjoying the outdoors with his wife and two young daughters.


Jeanine Cotter, Luminalt

Jeanine co-founded Luminalt to bring clean, reliable, local power to cities and create quality jobs for residents. One of few women CEOs in solar, and one of fewer still who holds the company’s contractors license, she is widely considered an industry expert.  Jeanine is on several national and local committees focused on establishing solar industry standards, renewable energy advocacy, creation of inner city jobs, small business and sustainable business practices. In 2013 she was elected to the Board of Directors of CALSEIA and has served as a two-time Vice President of the CALSEIA board. Jeanine established Luminalt as the first workforce development certified solar company in San Francisco because she is committed to creating pathways into solar for people underrepresented in the field. Her work has earned her recognition from the CA Legislative Assembly, including the 2015 Woman of the Year award for District 19, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and several nonprofits.

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Randy Zechman, Clean Solar


  • CEO Clean Solar – 2007 to Current
  • Current chair of the Bay Area Chapter of CALSEIA-4 years
  • 17 years as a serial entrepreneur running multiple businesses in many industries
  • CALSEIA award- “One of 40 most important CEO’s making CALSEIA what it is today”
  • San Jose Rotary
  • ALF Senior Fellow
  • Certified B- Corporation
  • Top 10 solar installer in CA.- Solar Power World
  • Committed CALSEIA member and active participant for 7 years


I am the current Chair and founded the Bay Area Chapter of Calseia. I am responsible for 4 to 6 events every year in the Bay Area, increasing membership, growing interest in CALSEIA and solar in general. We have hosted, run, and organized 20 of the most well-attended events.

Clean Solar is a highly rated quality first solar installer in Northern California. We have:

  • The most 5 star yelp reviews of any solar installer in the United States
  • “A” Rated by Better Business Bureau
  • Diamond Certified- 100% loyal customers
  • Prime Buyer’s “Top 10” award
  • “Top Workplaces – top 50” in Silicon Valley- 4 years in a row

From the Heart:

As an active member of CALSEIA for many years, I approached Bernadette a couple years ago about starting a Bay Area Chapter of CALSEIA to help support its causes and get involvement from the local community. Our Chapter works tirelessly helping raise money for events to support the various causes, grow membership, network to increase interest in solar industry. I enjoy being a bridge builder and would be honored if CALSEIA members elected me to one of its board positions this year. I will always be the type of member that participates fully. I will attend every meeting (I have attended many in the past couple of years) and most importantly- be active within the community for CALSEIA, from Sacramento Lobby Days, To PUC evangelizing, to speaking to and convincing local congresswomen/men to vote solar.  I promise to jump in with both feet and enjoy having others lean on me and our team for support. I am humbled by the effort and knowledge I have found in the industry. I look forward to being an integral part of an organization that is the solar industries loudest and most crucial advocate. And I promise to buy everyone “Make Solar Great Again” hats--- as that seems to be the key to winning elections in our great country.

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Sanjay Ranchod, Tesla

The trajectory of California’s solar industry will be determined in the next 18 months by policy-makers. Two years ago, our industry came together to achieve a hard-fought victory on net metering, but great challenges lie ahead at the State Capitol and the PUC.

I currently serve as Treasurer of the CALSEIA board. I am running for re-election because I believe CALSEIA’s best days lie ahead. Over the past few years, CALSEIA’s membership and budget have grown significantly thanks to support from our member companies, hard work by our dedicated staff, and leadership from our board. Now, our industry’s need for more resources to stand up to politically powerful opponents is even greater. We must build on this success – our future depends on it.

As Director and Counsel at Tesla, I oversee our company’s legislative and regulatory efforts in California. Previously, I served as VP of Policy & Electricity Markets and Regulatory Counsel at SolarCity for six years, during which I personally engaged with key decision-makers to champion solar and defend and strengthen key policies.

I bring important governance experience to the board. I served on the Sierra Club’s national board of directors for six years, and I serve as an appointed member of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, a state agency. My experience as an in-house lawyer at a rapidly growing company provides me with additional perspective.

I look forward to continuing to use my advocacy skills, experience and passion to help the Board work closely with our Executive Director to make the important strategic decisions that will enable CALSEIA to be the most effective advocate for California’s solar industry.

I would be honored to receive your vote.

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Saul Inda, Indaspec Energy Services

I am writing to express my interest for the Contractors Seat of the CALSEIA Board of Directors.

I am the Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Indaspec Energy Services, California’s premier solar O&M company.

I am also a California C-10 electrical contractor and a NABCEP certified installation professional.

I Co-founded Indaspec with a vision to establish the highest industry standards for customers and energy products, as well as finding creative solutions for unusual problems that commonly affect the residential solar market.

I have spent the last nine years in the solar industry, primarily focused on inspections, training & residential solar repair.

I have inspected over 1000+ solar installations across the United States, and have identified and evaluated a wide variety of technologies, installation techniques, and errors.

Working in the inspections and compliance space has provided me access and interaction with major public utilities, solar finance companies, equipment manufacturers, local AHJ’s, industry groups and the California Solar Initiative.

All these achievements have given me a unique perspective of the residential solar industry that is not typically found as a residential solar installer.

I am eager to put my acquired knowledge toward the growth and development of the solar industry. I believe my practical experience and unique solutions would help promote CALSEIA’s efforts in building and developing a stronger solar industry for the future.

I believe CALSEIA has a genuine and irreplaceable importance in our solar community.

Thank you for reading. I would appreciate your vote for the CALSEIA Board of Directors!

Manufacturer/Financier/Distributor/Developer SEAT CANDIDATES (2 SEATS AVAILABLE THIS ELECTION CYCLE) 

Helen He 2017.jpg

Helen He, Fortune Energy

My name is Helen He and I am the Vice President of Fortune Energy. With over 10 years of experience as both a distributor and manufacturer in the solar industry, it would be an honor to work among other dedicated professionals as a CALSEIA Board Member.

Within the last 10 years I have successfully grown not only as a business owner but also a mentor to my peers. I bring with me over 8 years of management experience and business acumen of international multi-cultural exposure with overall understanding of applicable laws and nuances of budgets/contract, influencing skills, and negotiation skills. I believe I am a candidate that can bring new ideas from a unique perspective and will be a great influence to enhance our industry’s views.

I will be contributing to the continued growth and success of our industry. I look forward to learning more from all of you.

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Jeff Spies, Quick Mount PV

I appreciate your consideration for a second term as a member of the CALSEIA Board of Directors.

Over the past three years, I’ve served CALSEIA both as a member of the Board of Directors as well as Chair of the Codes/Standard committee. In this role I’ve helped CALSEIA members resolve challenges relating to codes and standards interpretation to facilitate more efficient permitting and inspection processes, and reduce the soft costs of solar installation. I've also helped provide a technical perspective of industry trends like energy storage providing CALSEIA with valuable strategic perspective as we’ve expanded our focus into energy storage policy and advocacy.

I've witnessed the value CALSEIA brings to its members as a powerful and respected voice advocating for productive solar and storage policies, as well as codes/standards interpretation and education of installers and building officials. CALSEIA codes/standards efforts have helped many installers resolve problems with AHJ’s, and through our education outreach we have assisted member companies in understanding of complicated codes/standards issues, helping reduce the cost of doing business in a rapidly evolving field.

Years ago, I resolved to dedicate my career to making solar the leading form of electric power generation, and I view my work with CALSIEA as a key element in achieving my goal. 

In addition to my work with CALSEIA, I am involved with several additional activities that help move our industry in a positive direction including:

    • Secretary for NABCEP, the solar industry certification organization
    • UL 2703 Standards Technical Panel member, task group leader for bonding/grounding
    • Technical workshop instructor at major industry conferences
    • Published author for trade publications articles in SolarPro, Solar Power World, Professional Roofing, North American Clean Energy, Solar Builder, Roofing Contractor, and enerG
    • Organizer of the Solar Pioneer Parties - 2015 Humboldt County, 2016 Grass Valley, 2017 Mendocino County
    • Executive Producer of the Solar Pioneer Documentary Film

I hope to continue offering my services to CALSEIA as a board member and chair of the codes and I respectfully ask for your support for another term.

Sincerely, Jeff Spies


Rick Reed, SunEarth

Richard (Rick) Reed has thirty-seven years of relevant experience in the areas of renewable energy policy, legislative and regulatory advocacy, and senior corporate management.   He has held staff positions in federal and state government and has worked continuously in the renewables industry since moving to the private sector in late 1982.  

Mr. Reed joined The Solaray Corporation (TSC) headquartered in Honolulu, HI. in 1982,  after serving two years with the federal Department of Energy’s Western Solar Utilization Network (WSUN), and was appointed TSC  president in 1987.  TSC owns and operates Inter-Island Solar Supply, a diversified distributor of renewable energy components and high efficiency mechanical/electrical equipment, and SunEarth Inc., a manufacturer of solar thermal collectors, systems and ancillary components located in Fontana, California.    

Mr. Reed has continuously served as an HSEA (HISEIA) director since 1982, and has been an active CALSEIA board member since 1993.  He is a four term past-president of CALSEIA and also serves as the current HSEA president.  

In addition to his extensive HSEA and CALSEIA board experience, Mr. Reed is a past director of the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC), and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).  He is a founding member of EchoFirst (fka PVT Solar), which was acquired by SunEdison in 2013, and has served on the U.S. National Team for Solar Heating and Cooling (International Energy Agency).

Rick Reed maintains a deep commitment to the idea that a united CALSEIA, promoting all viable solar technologies with equal vigor, represents our industry’s best opportunity to completely transform the energy landscape in California over the next decade.